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1999: Established in Dijon, France.
2001: Headquarter transfered to Saint Chamond, France.
2001: Factory in Saint Chamond, France.
2001: Designing, manufacturing & type testing of IP55 NGR (World Performance record).
2006: Extension of Saint-Chamond factory.
2007: Certification ISO 9001:2000.
2010: Certification ISO 9001:2008.
2010: Designing & type testing of 100 kV, 140 kA/3sec offload air blast single pole disconnecting switch (motorized).


Designing, Development, manufacturing, Testing & Servicing of:
- Neutral Grounding resistors up to 150kV & 3000A.
- AC & DC Harmonic Filter Resistors for filtering,  Static VAR compensation (SVC S/S).
- AC & DC harmonic Filter resistors for high voltage direct current (HVDC Plant).
- High & Medium Voltage Load Bank up to 320 MW.
- Starting or braking resistors for asynchronous motors.
- High voltage, single or triphase disconnecting switches up to 500 kV, 5000A & 140 kA/3sec.
- Contactors.


M. S. Resistances uses the latest software for electrical & mechanical calculation & for drawings.
We have developed a Computer Aided Resistor Design software (CARD) using mechanical, electrical, mathematic basic formulas & experimental data based on tests made in our laboratories.


Power Resistor Laboratory:
Power testing up to 400 kW
Power frequency testing up to 150 kV one minute at 50 or 60 Hz
Lightning impulse testing up to 550 kV

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