Harmonic Filters Damping Resistors
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Harmonic Filter Damping Resistors

Harmonic filters are installed so as to absorb harmonic currents and limit resonance so excessive amounts of internally generated harmonic current passing into supply system. Get more information on filter circuits here.

Resistors have to sustain three critical parameters:harmo4
• Power (from one to several MW),
• BIL (basic impulse level),
• Ohmic value.

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M.S. RESISTANCES is the leader in the International damping resistor market.

We can assemble the resistors in any required configuration.

M.S. RESISTANCES can design Damping Resistors as per your requirements. However following basis shall be taken into consideration.

Up to 36 kV rated Networks, cubicles can be either grounded or live depending on requested creepages and power dissipation.



Damping resistors with grounded enclosure
- under conditions, we can provide:
    1) 3 phase cubicles.
    2) 1 phase cubicles for installation side by side.
    3) 1 phase cubicles for stacked erection.

Damping resistors with live enclosure
- under conditions, we can provide:
    1) 1 phase cubicles with 1 up to 5 stacked enclosures depending on wind & seismic conditions.
    2) 3 phases stacked cubicles.
    3) Side - by - side phases assembly.

Our expertise allows us to design compact type damping cubicles with very high critical parameters as above mentioned.

For your information, you can have a look at our Operation Manual for Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance.

Our Damping Resistors manufacturing Process does follow the best quality Charts:
- See attached ITP (Inspection & Test Plan).
- See all our Damping Resistors Type tests.