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Load Banks

Load Banks can be defined as a self-contained, unitized, systematic device that includes load elements with control & accessory devices. Whereas the "real" load is served by the power source and uses the energy output of the source for some productive purpose, the load bank serves the power source, using its energy output to test, support or protect the power source.
 Load banks are used in a variety of applications, including Factory Test of Diesel Generator Sets, Reduction of Wet Stacking Problems, Periodic exercising of Stand-by Generator Sets, UPS & Batteries Test, Load Optimization in Prime Power Applications, Factory Test of Turbines...
 The three most common types of load banks are :

- Resistive load_bank3
- Reactive
- Capacitive

We are able to supply on demand:
- natural or forced cooled resistor
- with or whithout a control cabinet