In order to achieve Resistors as per your demand, M.S. RESISTANCES uses various Resistor grid technologies

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RL & CL Grids
R& C Metal Grids
are made of cut/stamped Metal sheet
of standard dimensions (One Dimension per type of grid)
By modifying the alloy, the thickness and the number of cuts made
in those sheets, we are able to tune various characteristics of the grids.
R& C grids are mainly used when Resistors require:

RL & CL Grids - high Ohmic value,
- High Continuous Power Absorption,
- Very High short time Power absorption,
- High BIL withstand.



JF GridsJF Metal Grids technology is made of Metal sheets of various dimensions.
By modifying the alloy and any of the dimensions of the grid, we are able to tune various characteristics of the grids: JF Grids are mainly used when resistors require:

- Low ohmic value,
- Very high continuous Power Absoption,
- Very high Short time Power Absorption,
- Very High Current,
- High BIL withstand.


SCE gridsSCE & SCEN wire wounded elements are made of stainless steel wire wounded around a ceramic core.
The winding is then completely protected by a cement and silicon coating.

- SCE is made for systems where inductance is of no importance (a simple winding is provided to reach requested value)
- SCEN is made for systems where inductance has to be as low as possible (A double opposite winding is then provided to cancel internal inductance)

They are mainly used when resistor requires:

- Very high ohmic value (up to 5 kOhms per element,
- Very high BIL withstand (up to 20kV per element).